Safe Balance works seamlessly and easily in the senior living facility. Whether an ILF, ALF or a complete service community, Safe Balance has been utilized in almost every setting. In fact, in only a short amount of time, Safe Balance integration has demonstrated a direct drop in fall occurrences by over 20%, leading to increased resident safety, enhanced community standing by referral sources, decreased costs, decreased liability exposure, decreased move-outs, and more!

When operated in the Senior Living facility, your company and your residents benefit from all the positives and often-times, without ANY added expense! By partnering with a licensed Safe Balance provider (health group, home health agency, outpatient therapy, etc), your community benefits from enhanced skilled PREVENTATIVE care without the burden of staff resource allocation and additional cost.

Your residents will LOVE the focus and attention to their safety as evident by widespread adoption and utilization.

If you are looking to provide Safe Balance to your residents, contact our corporate office at so we can assist in developing this service in your communities!

Quick Takeaways

  • Can be provided as a single event or a monthly service
  • Safe Balance events are a GREAT way to market to prospective residents and their families
  • Endorsed by some of the most reputable liability coverage providers in the senior living market
  • Time stamped records demonstrate effort in preventing falls before they occur
  • A “Best Practice” approach leading to the direct reduction in fall occurences

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