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Safe Balance is a comprehensive balance testing and fall reduction program designed around the most recent research and supporting evidence. With the catastrophic incidents of falls steadily increasing, physicians stand to act as the front line in offsetting these risks.

From the beginning, Safe Balance has made a commitment to enhancing the quality of care to the senior population in the realm of fall risk analysis, mitigation and prevention. Using evidence-based methods with university-sponsored supporting research, Safe Balance brings a much-needed proprietary model to enhance the ability of medical providers.

The Safe Balance program utilizes objective, functional-based analytics for physicians to examine current patient performance. Using the exclusively licensed and patented Dynamic Arc: Functional Balance System, we perform a complete service for your clients anywhere you see patients!

The Safe Balance program and services are designed to benefit your practice three-fold.


Meet ACA and Medicare Guidlines

While several fall risk analysis and prevention programs exist, none are as preventative nor comprehensive as Safe Balance. Recently, the Safe Balance program design was endorsed by the Michigan State House of Representatives in HR 354 on December 7th, 2016 as a preferred model of fall prevention within the senior population.

The Affordable Care Act was designed in part to keep people out of the Emergency Room with a more proactive and client-centered approach to care. Safe Balance exceeds this mandate with optimal results! For additional resources on understanding Medicare’s expectations and how Safe Balance click HERE.


Provide Better Service for Patients

Safe Balance gives you a clear objective overview on your patient’s balance ability, complete with 4-page objective report supported by analysis by our clinical staff. The performance report is provided to the physician with several clinical pathways of which to offset fall-risk concerns: maintenance, restoration, compensation or adaption.

A more detailed analysis on a person’s current fall risk leads to a reduction in catastrophic incidences which hinder independence. Your practice now has the ability to take a step forward in maintaining itself as a leader in caring for the senior population with a more comprehensive fall prevention program!


Increase Revenue for Your Practice

The Safe Balance service is completely self-contained and optimally operates onsite with medical personnel and/or staff members. The report is given to the patient and the physician for documentation in the EMR. With Safe Balance, all procedural-coding and billings are assigned to the physician’s practice as an extension of your service, providing NEW REVENUE for your business.

As the physician under the procedural coding, your time is reimbursed with the engagement of the assessment, the analysis of the results and the consultation with the patient. Several of our physician partners across the nation have reaped the benefit of better cashflow to their practice by incorporating Safe Balance’s proprietary model of service delivery! .

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