Bring Safe Balance to your Company’s Provision of Services

Are you ready to differentiate yourself from competition by providing an optimal and comprehensive fall prevention program? Safe Balance places your company, practice, hospital system and/or agency at a level that exceeds the status-quo expectation of care!

Believe it or not, incorporating Safe Balance is a seamless and easy process. Your company licenses the technology and program in a portable platform (Dynamic Arc and Software) for a term of 12, 24 or 36 months. Marketing and informational material is supplied to your agency or system with custom branding capability, allowing you to “get the word out” on the new service you will be offering. Our clinical and business development team will then train your staff on optimal usage, while offering support throughout the duration of the license.

Licensing Safe Balance is an easy 3-step process:

  1. Engage in Licensing Terms
  2. Develop growth with marketing support
  3. Begin provision of Safe Balance program

Once you are equipped, you are ready to launch Safe Balance!


  • Increase client/patient care capabilities
  • Increase caseload
  • Enhance referral partnerships
  • Generate new revenue

Not only does the Safe Balance program offer an optimal program that research has identified as “Best Practice” in fall prevention, the business model makes adoption highly attractive. Whether your growth focus is through increasing caseloads, reducing admissions/readmissions, increasing sales of services, increasing reimbursement capabilities (quality standards) or a combination of those listed, Safe Balance offers an opportunity to grow your business while offering immediate profitability!

The Process

Safe Balance follows a proprietary protocol that identifies the most appropriate level of care based on the results of our program!

Ready to get started

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