Hospitals and Comprehensive Healthcare Networks mobilize Safe Balance’s full potential in a complete, systematic manor.

With the Safe Balance program, your hospital system will provide a truly proactive and preventative mode of fall risk mitigation. With the unparalleled data analytics provided by Safe Balance, your system can examine individual patient results and trends while “zooming out” and analyzing the complete service network and community at large in real time!

With this information, your healthcare system can efficiently allocate resources to prevent patient falls by expanding needs in additional services, identifying and measuring clinical outcomes, using predictive analytics and trends to anticipate changes to the communities served, and more!

Safe Balance has been used within the Healthcare Network some of the following ways!

  • Community Fall Prevention Clinic
  • Inpatient Fall Risk Analysis
  • Physician Office Integration (population insight and management)
  • Rehabilitation Outcome Measures
  • Emergency Room Fall-Related Readmission Analysis
  • MORE!

Quick Takeaways

  • Financially self-sustaining
  • Easily scalable for both large and small systems
  • Meets MIPs quality incentives for #154/#155
  • Provides a “Best-Practice” mode of fall prevention services
  • Utilized systemwide in inpatient/acute settings, emergency departments, home health, outpatient therapy, and primary care physician offices
  • Data analysis between care centers (EX: PCP Office/Inpatient Rehab) provide insight as to the mode of care delivery leading to enhanced system-wide efficiency

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