Home Health Agencies and Outpatient Therapy Providers are often key partners in the intervention process of fall risk mitigation. While some risks can be reduced through non-skilled means, often times a person is justified for skilled nursing, physical and/or occupational therapy.

The Safe Balance system allows for a variety of enhanced partnerships through senior living facilities, hospitals, physicians and/or the community at-large placing the agency or clinic in a position to bring Safe Balance to the various communities they serve.

Whether used in partnership as a population management/fall risk screening program or as a clinical outcome measure, Safe Balance in the hands of these entities acts as a key differentiator and cultivates greater opportunity to significant partnerships!

Quick Takeaways

  • By offering Safe Balance, 100% of our licensees have increased and enhanced the number of strategic partnerships in the regions they serve (hospitals, SNFs, ALFs/ILFs, etc)
  • Financially self-sustaining
  • Provides a “Best-Practice” mode of fall prevention services
  • Enhance documentation and justification for services and recerts
  • Scalable in both large and small geographical regions
  • Provide a valuable outcome measure highlighting your agency’s success

Safe Balance has been used within the Home Health/Outpatient Therapy Clinics some of the following ways!

  • Community Fall Prevention Clinic
  • Fall Prevention Services for Partnered Senior Living Communities
  • Pre/Post Intervention Assessment Outcome Measures
  • ACO/PHO Partnership service integration
  • Justification of New Appropriate Services
  • MORE!

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