What is Safe Balance?

Safe Balance is a company that was created to address the rising epidemic amongst falls in seniors. Using a proprietary service model, exclusively licensed evidence-based technology, skilled clinicians, and one-on-one consultation, Safe Balance enhances your fall prevention and risk management program in a way that has yet to be addressed in typical stand-alone models!

The Safe Balance program and services are comprised of 3 important components:
Objective Testing. Clinical Consultation. Facilitation to Services.


Objective Testing

Safe Balance believes in the importance of using objective information to identify the presence of a risk and the severity of that risk. Using the proprietary Dynamic Arc Functional Balance System technology, your staff is able to bring a client or patient through a simple 8-minute test which provides a detailed 4-page performance report.


Clinical Consultation

Once the Safe Balance test is completed, your client or patient will spend one-on-one time with the assessor to explore, analyze and understand the meaning of the data collected on their current balance ability and fall risk. This important and meaningful interaction allows the client and/or patient to engage in pertinent discussion with a licensed healthcare professional on ways to offset their current fall risk through maintenance, restoration, compensation and/or adaption.


Facilitation to Services

If your client or patient finds themselves performing at a level which justifies a certain level of care, Safe Balance completes with recommendations to facilitate these services. In the cases where skilled care is the optimal choice, Safe Balance’s report directs senior’s physician on optimal mitigation strategies to introduce the recommended therapy program.

Safe Balance alleviates the responsibilities of management and works seamlessly to identify the problem, address and discuss, and facilitate a solution. Executive Directors can all agree; that Safe Balance prides itself on not increasing workload burdens for staff and administration!

Safe Balance at Work

We utilize a comprehensive system and assessments including the Dynamic Arc: Functional Balance System to quickly analyze and assess a senior’s functional balance ability and fall risk.


With the information gathered from the proprietary Safe Balance software, the senior, physician and company staff gain great insight as to the severity of a balance deficit.


Safe Balance program was developed by an interdisciplinary team of physicians and clinicians specializing in the geriatric and aging population.


The entire Safe Balance experience takes approximately 15 minutes to complete from start to finish with our clients seemingly always enjoying the experience.


Safe Balance program provides a detailed 4-page report along with recommendations on how to facilitate a return to greater balance ability and decrease the risk of falls through maintenance, restoration, adaption, and/or compensation.


The “Welcome to Medicare” guidelines mandate a fall-risk assessment each year, however we also recommend that a resident be screened every 3 months or immediately following illness, injury or hospitalization.


Our skilled home-health agency partners and private-duty partners report an increase in referrals with the provision of providing top-tier fall prevention services in Safe Balance.


Provide a necessary service for physician’s and SNF’s while establishing a greater peace of mind from seniors and family members by decreasing episodes of falls!