Safe Balance is designed to benefit your practice three-fold: Meet Medicare Guidelines. Provide Better Service for Patients. Increase Revenue to Your Practice.


Provide Better Service for Your Patients

Balance, just like any other health concern, can vary from person to person based on numerous factors. Safe Balance will examine your patient’s balance ability with evidence-based assessment with the Dynamic Arc. The objective nature of the Dynamic Arc’s testing procedure provides the clarity of a person’s impairment and deficits in a way that often times visual and casual examination cannot.

The objectivity of the Dynamic Arc’s performance measure determines the following: can the resident perform the task or can they not, and most importantly based on their age, should they be able to? Your patient’s performance is not affected by the clinical screener of safe balance, which eliminates bias often found in other assessments.

But the advantage provided by the data compounded by the Dynamic Arc doesn’t stop there. Safe Balance employs occupational or physical therapists which add to the comprehensiveness of the program! Our clinicians are able to analyze the performance of the patient and look for reasons that scores could be affected. Additionally, our staff is trained to identify other indicators of fall risks including:

  • Defective equipment
  • Inappropriate equipment
  • Increased pain during test performance
  • Inattention to task
  • Low vision
  • Decreased fine/gross motor control
  • & Many more!

  • The Safe Balance assessment takes a comprehensive examination on your patient’s overall performance. The objective data provided combined with the clinical analysis paints a clear picture on what is needed to address the underlying problem of balance loss. The status quo of balance screening and testing at physician practices significantly lacks the objectivity and the depth that Safe Balance provides!

    In summary, Safe Balance gives you a clear objective overview on your patient’s balance ability, complete with 4-page objective report supported by analysis by our clinical staff. The performance report is provided to you the physician with several clinical pathways of which to offset fall-risk concerns: maintenance, restoration, compensation or adaption.

    A more detailed analysis on a person’s current fall risk leads to a reduction in catastrophic incidences which hinder independence. Your practice now has the ability to take a step forward in maintaining itself as a leader in caring for the senior population with a more comprehensive fall prevention program!