The Safe Balance program is comprised of 3 important components: Objective Testing. Clinical Consultation. Facilitation to Services.


Facilitation to Services

The Safe Balance program was designed to identify the presence of heightened fall risk due to a variety of reasons, however that is just half of what we do. Often times when a resident presents with a balance severity that indicates the need for a specific intervention, they do not know the best way to obtain those services in a timely manner.

Fortunately, Safe Balance partners with some of the most reputable home health agencies and outpatient therapy providers in the nation! We gladly offer suggestions to these companies if the resident indicates that they do not have a preferred choice. With the recommendation template provided by Safe Balance, our company works with the chosen therapy provider to obtain a prescription/referral from the resident’s physician should they elect to take that option. Safe Balance advocates on behalf of the resident until the physician makes a decision to facilitate to appropriate care.

Typically at that time, the therapy encounter begins and the case is formally handled by the agency that was chosen. Restoration of function takes place and the resident’s functional ability is enhanced! In some cases, a recommendation to non-skilled providers is found to be appropriate. Safe Balance works hand-in-hand with the senior community to begin the transition to this level of service should the resident’s condition justify this approach.

Safe Balance continues to support the onsite activities and maintenance services through encouragement to participate and education on ways to maintain function! Overall, there isn’t a case that Safe Balance doesn’t have the tools to identify evidence-based ways to increase safety and independence.