The Safe Balance program is comprised of 3 important components: Objective Testing. Clinical Consultation. Facilitation to Services.


Clinical Consultation

Once the performance test is completed, our Safe Balance clinical staff takes the time to sit down one-on-one with the resident to go over their results. Residents will be presented with their overall score, the fluctuation in performance and discuss ways to offset their current state of balance dysfunction.

Each performance report comes with 20-30 recommendations. This recommendation list changes depending on the severity of their current state. In some instances, our clinical staff may add additional recommendations based on the resident’s unique situation. All fall mitigation recommendations are evidence-based and heavily researched to ensure maximum success.

Safe Balance prides itself on establishing a rapport and connection with each of the residents we assist. This is why each location is serviced by the same clinical screener every month! Residents have all agreed that they enjoy the conversations and educational opportunity that goes along with the consultation side of our program.

Should residents have any questions, we are right there to assist and educate! The report is then provided to the resident to share with friends, family or whomever they choose.